Last Sunday I was in Oporto, playing on the Olhares de Outono festival. Vitor Joaquim invited 16 laptopers for a super mash up of sound and image. We also had a reflexion session the previous day, thinking and discussing about the laptop as an instrument. Great people, great thoughts.

It was good to realize that you can join 16 mature improvisers on the same stage and still get a coherent performance. It’s important to listen, to give room and to act in the right timing. The language is evolving.

After EME.LL it was time for Scanner (Robin Rimbaud).

EME.LL Performers:

S o u n d:
João Ricardo
Ivan Franco
Carlos Santos
Miguel Carvalhais
Pedro Tudela
Pedro Almeida
Nuno Moita
André Gonçalves
The Beautiful Schizophonic
Rui Costa
Jerome Faria
Vitor Joaquim

V i s u a l s:
Hugo Olim
André Sier
Alba G. Corral
Laetitia Morais

(photo by Carlos Santos)


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