Contact is both an interactive installation and a performance of electronic music. The set is composed of several instruments that are first played by Ivan Franco, but later offered to the audience, inviting participation and collaboration in the musical event. These meta-instruments are connected to a central software that ensures that all the components are driven together by a central hub, thus creating a coherent musical output.

In “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, Steven Spielberg explores the idea of music patterns as a means to communicate with alien life. The two species are bound by the simplification of language into the common traits of musical scales and the ability to understand harmony.

The goal in this piece is to challenge the spectator to be a part of the musical experimentation, by breaking formal stage boundaries and bringing the audience into the performative space. This chance to be first hand participants in the sonic experience yields interesting results in the exploration of sensibility to sound creation and to “music as language”.

Contact was premiered at Culturgest in December 2012, as part of the 27 Sentidos cycle, promoted by Granular.