“8 Beat Love” is a short performance with Lígia Teixeira, reflecting on the notion of videogame disembodiment, where the gamer is often projected through his/her avatar. This often leads to a sense of will and power that only the avatar can provide.

In the performance we beat the hell out of each other in a M.U.G.E.N. video game adaptation. It’s a “war of sexes” bashing fest to the sound of 90’s rock hits.

We created two M.U.G.EN. avatars for ourselves by doing 250 snapshots of Kung Fu poses and remapping the appropriate sprites.
M.U.G.EN. is an open source engine for 2d fighting games, reminiscent of the classic 80’s Street Fighter.

“8 Beat Love” was premiered at Festival Alkantara 2010, in Teatro S. Luiz. Thanks to Prado.