Ilinx is a performative environment developed in collaboration with Chris Salter, TeZ and Valérie Lamontagne.
“In the environment, a group of four visitors at a time wear specially designed garments. These wearables are outfitted with various sensing and actuating devices that enable visitors to interface with the performance space. During the event, a ritualistic progression which lasts approximately twenty minutes, the natural continuum between sound and vibration, vision and feeling becomes increasingly blurred, extending and stretching the body’ boundaries beyond the realm of everyday experience” (Salter).
Together with Ian Hattwick and Marcello Giordano, I have helped develop this full-body tactile garment, which is fitted with 30 vibrational motors distributed across limbs and torso. It is fully autonomous and communicates with a central server via Wi-Fi. Each of the motor can be addressed independently or through pre-determined patterns such as waves or rhythmic pulses.

Ilinx was premiered at TodaysArt 2014 in The Hague, Netherlands, where more than 300 hundred people experienced the installation.

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts’ GRAND NCE Media Artist and Scientist Collaboration scheme.

Ilinx1 Ilinx2

(video by Chris Salter)

Chris Salter + TeZ: Direction and Sound
Valerie Lamontagne: Wearables Direction and Design
Isabelle Campeau: Wearable Development
Marie-Eve Lecavalier Lemieux: Wearable Development
Ian Hattwick: Technology Direction/Hardware-Software
Omar Faleh: Lighting Collaboration
Panagiotis Tomaras: Production Assistance
Marcello Giordano: Hardware-Software/Haptics Research
Ivan Franco: Hardware-Software
Deborah Egloff: Haptics Research
Morgan Rauscher: Robotics development/Production Assistance
Ian Arawjo: Sketching Software


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