Improbable Transgressions

Pedro Carneiro has collaborated with various electronic music artists to produce “Improbable Transgressions”, out now through Sirr Records.

The concept behind these musical pieces is digital musical hacking. Carneiro recorded several improvisational takes of Marimba percussion and sent these to various sound artists. A rule was established: all electronic produced sounds could only come from the original sound file.Pedro invited me to participate and the result was the track “Carneiro Fights the Dark Byte Bots”. Instead of doing major editing I built a couple of computer programs that listen to the marimba and extract musical features. By using pitch, timbre or velocity the 4 bots produce their own musical output, and then mixed into a unique track.

Many other interesting sound artists and musicians participated, such as The Convolution Brothers, Chris Brown , João Pedro Oliveira or André Sier.