Lively Dreams 1

The act of dreaming can be experienced by many people in an extremely realistic way, resulting in a highly emotional and sensitive experience. In the dream world we are subdued to personal confrontations with the profound symbols of our joys, sorrows, desires and disappointments, as a reflection of self-suggestion of the subconscious. Even if  the dream might be a product of the subject, it cannot be consciously controlled by the subject himself that gets involuntarily submitted to this experience. The dream is finally transported to the real world through the way in which it influences, personally and socially, the subject‘s character. Dream and reality are the refection of the same.

“Lively Dreams” is a performance that aims to explore the dramaturgic potential of the dream recreation, aiming to shape images and sensations of an intense dream and make them part of a parallel world, that exists without the logic and the rational demands that prevail in the real world.

In Lively Dreams the performer develops a narrative through his performance in different interactive environments. A motor of narration of dreams is created, enabling a dialog between the interactive scenography and the performer.

The scenery is constituted by several large-scale projections that occupy the whole surface of the stage, in both horizontal and vertical plans. The objects and spaces that constitute the different sceneries are able to mutate according to the performer inputs. These animations of evolutionary nature intend also to be able to recreate different spaces and times that lead the spectator through several narrative moments.

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